Project Overview

The City of Oregon Sustainability Plan will serve as the blueprint for advancing collaborative and informed sustainability practices within the city. Led by the leadership of the City's Sustainability Committee, this will be Oregon's first plan targeted at improving city-wide sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Plan will address sustainability within five identified themes: city operations, community-wide efforts, policy, development & land use, and education.

Image of the Rock River in Oregon, IL

Focus Areas

This Sustainability Plan identifies five focus areas to prioritize sustainability in the City of Oregon. They include city operations, community-wide efforts, policy, development & land-use, and education.
  • City Operations

    City operations include all municipal-owned and operated buildings, transportation systems, and land.

  • Community-Wide Efforts

    Community-wide efforts target community resilience, community access to sustainability resources, and community-led efforts toward sustainability.

  • Development & Land Use

    Development and land use refer to all aspects of the built and natural environments, including working lands such as agriculture.

  • Education

    Education refers to engagement and educational opportunities to increase sustainability knowledge, awareness, and interest throughout the community.

  • Policy

    Policy includes any zoning codes, ordinances, or policies related to sustainability within the City.